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International Students'
Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to provide every prospective Undergraduate and Post Graduate (Taught) Student with top notch services, such as includes smooth admission process..

We will endeavor to support you and provide guidance through out your application process in order to ensure that you achieve your goal in the admission process.

Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not yet answered below..

The responses provided here are to the best of our knowledge, Please always  clarify with all applicable Institutions or  agencies, as we won't be liable for updates,  omission or changes in information etc

Where is Ireland?

Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland is in North-Western Europe  and West of Great Britain. Its capital is Dublin. The island is divided into two parts: Ireland (sometimes referred to as “the Republic of Ireland”) and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is a member of the European Union. 

Why should I choose DCU and not another University in USA or Canada or U.K. etc?

DCU is a leading young university focused on education , research and innovation with good social life,

DCU provides students with the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills,

DCU is currently ranked 1st in Ireland for graduate employment rate.

Additionally, Dublin is a thriving capital city hosting the European headquarters for many multi-national Tech and Pharmaceutical firms and DCU has many connections to local industry.

Finally, DCU has a very proactive career service that helps to prepare students for the job market. They run CV clinics and can also organise mock interviews.

The fees are from €14,500 to €19,000.


Why should you use us as a DCU approved Recruiter?

Why use International  Assorted Consultant, Ireland in partnership with Career Anchor Consulting Ltd, Nigeria as your RECRUITER?

As Approved Recruiters, we have access to the application Portal of the University with Application Waiver code, hence you will be saving minimum of €50 which you would have paid at registration.

We, as approved  recruiters will not charge you to facilitate your admission and you may access the university quicker through us on your admission process.

We understand peculiarities in our countries of operation and can present your challenges to the University.

We will bring the presence of Dublin City University (DCU) to local Recruitment Fairs and give opportunity for interaction with prospective students and families


Does DCU embrace diversity?

DCU is home to over 80 countries.

How employable are the graduates of DCU?


DCU has excellent reputation for graduate employment (1st in Ireland by QS)

Can I work while in school?


Yes, you can work as an International student.

f you are attending a course on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP) you will have stamp number 2 endorsed on your passport when you register with your local immigration officer. You will be allowed to take up casual employment of up to 20 hours part-time work per week in term time or up to 40 hours per week during college vacation periods, that is, from June to September inclusive and from 15 December to 15 January. Your entitlement to take up employment ceases when your permission to remain expires.

If you are not attending such a course, you will not be entitled to take up part-time work or engage in any business or profession. You will get stamp number 2A on your passport.

Where will I stay?

International Students may be allocated rooms in Hampstead and College Park Apartments on the Glasnevin campus and Purcell House and O’Donnell House on our All Hallows campus. The residences are served by a central reception operated by the DCU Rooms reception team. At each location students have a choice of rooms to choose from when making an application. See more at:

If you are unable to get an accommodation through the DCU, we can help you consult  with agents around.. Terms and Conditions may apply on individual basis.

What are the expected costs of living?

Whilst we cannot advise on the exact cost of living we can give an idea of what to expect based on the experience of other students.
Commuting to school from within Dublin city could cost  €2.00 for daily return trip.
Feeding could cost about €140 a month if the student cooks.
For students with school accommodation, it could cost €6,733 for an academic year or €801 thereabout per month. Accommodation may be cheaper for those renting outside the campus and sharing apartments.

A living cost of €10,000 per annum there about may be planned.

Who goes for the Foundation courses and who can go directly for the Undergraduate courses?

If students have just a WAEC, then they have to do a foundation but if they have an A'levels or an IB diploma, they may be considered for the degree courses,

What type of scholarships are available?

DCU currently provides a merit scholarship of up to €2,000 to high flying students and every student that applies to DCU is automatically assessed for this. There are no separate applications.

When is the deadline to apply for 2023/2024 session?

The application deadline for students interested in starting this September is the 1st of July this year (2023).

What will I need for Visa processing?

Do I need an English proficiency result at application?

Required Documents are not limited to:

Offer letter from DCU

Medical insurance

Proof of English proficiency

Proof of identity, application form and other relevant materials.


Proof of funds for Visa

For Undergraduates,at least 60% must have been paid towards tuition fees at time of application Living expenses: €10,000/year min. (it is recommended to show up to €15,000 EUR) Proof that the student can be funded over the course of the degree (3 to 4 years)

Evidence of competency in the English language  (This will usually be required at visa processing ).


For now, at application stage to DCU, a letter from school that your education was in English Language suffices.

DCU will accept  IELTS, or TOEFL or DUOLINGO

IELTS Overall score of 6.5 or above, with no less than 6.0 in any one skill. DCU Business School additionally requires 6.5 in speaking and writing


TOEFL Total Score of 92. DCU Business School additionally requires all section scores 21 or above.


DUOLINGO a minimum score of 120 and a score of at least 110 in each sub score

What does the process look like? (Read and click on the chart to fill the pre-application form)

flow chart dcu 2-1 (4).jpg
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